Moving to Hungary – tips for expats in Budapest

Moving to Hungary – tips for expats in Budapest

Are you an expatriate moving to Hungary?

Expats living in Hungary usually live in Budapest, the business and cultural hub of Hungary, and if you’re on of them and recently decided to relocate to Hungary, then you’re probably wondering which area or neighborhood is the most suitable for you for renting a flat.

The question of where to find a flat to rent in Budapest mainly depends on if you’ll be living by yourself or with a family. As you may know, Budapest is divided to two main parts divided by the Danube river. These parts are Pest, which is the more lively downtown area, and Buda, which is the hilly part known for it’s green views, and more relaxed living experience.  The more districts with those moving to Hungary that live in Budapest are the central parts of the 5,6,7,8,9,13 districts in Pest, as well as parts of the 1,2, and 3 districts which are located in Buda.


Moving to Hungary, BudapestShould you live in Buda or in Pest?

Pest is more popular with the “younger crowed” and mainly singles, as it is world renowned not only for it’s cultural richness and beautiful classical buildings with modern flats to rent with high ceilings and spacious rooms, but also for it’s bustling, sometime chaotic, nightlife scene, making the downtown area very hectic place to live in during the weekends.

Buda on the other hand is more “family friendly”, due to it’s leafy streets, top hill views, and fresh air. On top of that, since the international American School is also located in Buda, it makes things easier for expats with kids and local young families to reside in Pest and have an easy access to the school. (or, in the 13 district, which although is on the side of Pest, it’s also a more family oriented district that is quite easily accessible to the Buda).


What are the average monthly expenses for rent and other living costs? 

In general, the capital of Hungary is substantially cheaper than many other cities in Western and Central Europe, however, over the last few years, with the city becoming one of the most popular capitals in the region by expats, students, and tourists, price soared sharply, especially when it comes to rent price in the central parts of the city, which rose in more than 20% over the last couple of years due to the booming real estate market. This in turn popularized the option of renting a room in flat share, or finding an apartment for rent in Budapest which is located more in the outskirts of the city. It’s important to remember that when considering the city’s superb public transportation system, even if you live a bit off-center, the commute time via the metro or tram is usually within less than 30 minutes.

As for planning your budget, average rent price in the more central locations of the city is around 150.000ft per month for a 2 bedroom flat. This doesn’t include the overhead monthly common costs and utility charges, which are mainly calculated per consumption, but are usually around 40.000ft per month. The price above relates to a fully furnished flat located in a good location in the 6,7,9 districts.

Moving into the more prime locations (such as the 5th district) will see rent prices double and even triple themselves, depending on the status of the flat. On the other hand, if you venture a bit out of the central areas, for example into the 8th district, you’ll find same standard flats that are more reasonably priced.

If you prefer to rent a room in a shared flat, than you should expect to put aside about 250 euro per month to cover the rental cost, while the monthly utility costs is dependent on the total number of tenants in the flat.

The following link contains more detailed information about the cost of living in Budapest that can help you plan your budget more efficiently


Where’s the best area for me then?

It depends. If you’re just now moving to Hungary and hadn’t been in Budapest before, it will be wise to rent a flat in the more central parts of Pest (such as the 5,6,7 districts), as these areas are filled with many expats and international students, so they are more cosmopolitan, safe, and very easy to get around by foot or public transportation. However, if you’re moving to Hungary with a family, then probably the 13th district in pest, or the more pastoral 1,2,3 districts in Buda will be more suitable for you needs, as they are less hectic, offer more parks and attractions for kinds, and are more easily accessible to the school.


Make sure to read the other guides in this blog for more details information about your move to Budapest, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance with accommodation or in need of further guidance.