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How to find a roommate in Budapest – Roommatesbudapest

Are you looking for a flatmate or roommate to share an apartment with in the center of Budapest, Hungary? On you can find the most appropriate flatmate and the apartment of your dreams!


Since this insane pandemic situation has started it has effected numerous people in their every day lives. Lots of people have given up their apartments and moved back home with their families to get through this difficult period together and of course to save up some money. However, fortunately things are slowly getting back to normal, therefore students will probably move back to the city and will start looking for an apartment to rent or maybe even to share an apartment with a roommate.


Roommate in budapest

How to find roommate in budapest


The award winning Hungarian real-estate portal


As  an award winning housing portal, we provide the most user-friendly platform where you can use specialised filters to find the perfect roommate or the apartment of your own preferences. Moreover, we assure a wide selection of available apartments to rent, ranging from cheap student flats in Pest to luxury homes across the river in Buda. The apartments are refurbished, either furnished or unfurnished, and are located in the downtown and across the very central parts of Budapest.


It’s the perfect platform for foreign, exchange or Erasmus students that are looking for either a short or long-term accommodation. They can easily search for a single or double rooms in shared flats, or large 3 – 4 bedroom apartments attending SOTE, Semmelweis, Szent István Veterinarian University, Corvinus, CEU, ELTE, BME, ESSCA, Pázmány, Moholy-Nagy Art, IBS, BBS University and other leading Hungarian Universities.


On top of that, you can find on our website detailed profiles of flatmates moving to Budapest from around the world that are looking to share a flat or to meet new people. You can contact them and chat with them to build your network or just to make some friends along the way.  Registered members of the website can compare profiles, create their own favourite lists with their best matching profilers (whether it’s tenants, landlords, flatmates, or real estate agencies and agents).


If you’re in the process of looking for a flatmate or just simply looking for an apartment to rent, do not hesitate to contact us!