Advertising, 8 February

Why should you post your ad?

Hoiw can roommatesbudapest help with letting an apartment?

The era of letting apartments has come at Budapest. Roommatesbudapest also confirms this fact, since every day a lot of people from around the world visits our website in search of apartments. Not everybody has their resources to buy an apartment and many are afraid of taking credit, on the other hand the capital city, Budapest, attracts numerous people therefore many decide on renting an apartment. Fortunately, tenants can select from a wide range of possible apartments, though lessors can choose from the applicants thanks to the huge demand.

Proprietors prefer lessees who would like to stay for 10 or 12 months at least. In addition, they also favor students from abroad because though they come for 4 or 6 months, they pay the rent in euros which means a greater income for the homeowner. Reliability is advised on both sides for sometimes keeping in touch for years is inevitable. A good relationship between homeowner and tenant is a key factor not only at the beginning of the renting.

In Hungary a two-months’ worth deposit is given to the homeowner at the beginning to ensure them of the apartment’s state. Hopefully nobody risks losing a sum this great because of unnecessary damage in the apartment.

Many use the services of real estate agencies who can flexibly show the apartment to applicants and this way save time and energy to the homeowner. However, their service is not free, usually is costs around one-month worth rent.

In case you would like to post and advertisement of your apartment you can do it on the modern roommatesbudapest website. Henceforth the advantages of advertising on roommatesbudapest:


Publish your advertisement on one of the most modern websites of Hungary, where you can find both roommates and apartment.


With the help of the online chat you can immediately get in contact, get answers for you questions and make an appointment to show or see the apartment.


We provide a quick and easy way to get around for those also who are not practiced in advertising yet.


There is a great variety of tools to highlight your advertisement and to put it among the first finds (both free and pay-service).


Detailed profiles of people to help you choose your future tenant or roommate.


Due to the multilingual website many students from abroad visit to find an apartment in the city center for long-term.